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Wolves with the hidden element are undeniably the most versatile of all the elements. They are one of the few elements who are able to be born winged. Their element is really not true, rather enigmatic, as the wolves themselves are; mysterious. A hidden wolf can be anything. They are a mixture of all the elements except for perhaps ghost. However, as they are not born with a specific element, they cannot rightfully master any particular element as well as one who was born with it would be. It all comes down to lineage for them. If a hidden wolf as certain elements in the lineage, they would be better at those certain elements; for it is actually in their blood, and not artificial.

However, despite this 'artificiality' they are no laughing matter. They have no real weaknesses, fairly adapt to handling any element. However, no one is invincible, including them. It takes prediction when fighting a hidden; throwing a weakness at them whenever it is available to you. There isn't much to say about their attacks, since they are rather unpredictable. It just takes basic knowledge of the other elements to guess what they'll throw out. Fire balls, lightning bolts, vines, air disks, etc

Note: Most rare of all elements, must request permission to play



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