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Topic: Ghost

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Ghost wolves are by far the most uncommon of all breeds. It takes a bit of choice becoming one. You must have either been born by two ghost parents, turned into one by their rather shamanic abilities, or, you must die and chose to be reborn. The rebirth process is pretty simple to comprehend. When one dies, they hover in Purgatory. From there, they have the choice to descend into Hell, rise up to Heaven, or be reborn. Ghost wolves cannot die by any means unless they chose to finally pass on. They do not age and for the most part appear at around the rough age of 2-3. Pups that die and chose to be ghosts however, will grow to be mature, and then they shall cease the physical aging process.

These wolves tend to only stay in the area for 10 years before they move on to another area to explore or haunt. So, when put on the Earth, it's not uncommon to see a new ghost wolf or a common visiting ghost wolf to leave in the NWE every time.

Ghosts are mysterious beings, usually very quiet. However, some are quite childish and carefree, and others are violent, and enjoy using their powers to disappear and move through things to scare the wits out of others. They are for the most part solid; moving through solid things is just one of their many powers, such as necromancy, the art of raising the dead. Don't be fooled into thinking they can bring the dead to life, of course. They can only raise their corpses and bones; what they raise has no soul. It is literally a puppet who only listens to the one who summoned it. It has no brain or feelings. It would require the help of a soul wolf to contact the soul, and then the cooperation and permission of the soul.

Their attacks are mostly through necromancy and through melee. They can't really send many attacks such as disks and whips like the others.

Also, for the ghost element, that is the only element that hidden wolves cannot posses, being that they are not dead and if they were than they would chose wether to go up to Heaven or down to Hell, or be born again as a ghost wolf. If you are an elder, as a regular wolf, you cannot come back as a ghost wolf, you wouldn't have the strength and by then..I'm sure you'd want to rest in peace.

Also, these wolves are rare. You must request permission before creating or becoming one.

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