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Topic: Shape-Shifting

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Shape-Shifting -

This is where you can change into any type of animal, and speak their language and take advantage of their attack moves and use that in fights. You could turn into nature, but nothing made from humans or human-type objects. It would be more to change your body into that of an animal and to expand parts like...rubber! Shape-Shifters have about any personality, they can be tough and arrogant, happy and full of life, brave and couragous, to shy and mysterious. They have varying multiple personalities depending on what and when they are shifting.

Avoid getting slashed by moving around, like Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic 4, but in a whole new level. Stretch your neck up high, to see like a giraffe past the trees, or become a giraffe. Intimidate foes by making your body larger or fangs longer. They usually fight in melee and can fight about anywhere. Either in the water, air, or land.



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