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Topic: Dark

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Dark -

Stereotypically, dark wolves are evil, blood thirsty things, and really, many of them are. However, more than a few times there has been a darkness wolf that just doesn't care. They don't care for killing, and become neutral or they become good and decide to help others. However, they can never be pure like the other elements, because they have more darkness running through their blood than anyone else and so even the nicest darkness wolf has it's firmly set limits, and you would do very well not to cross those limits. They can be born with wings, but they cannot fly with them. Many darkness wolves' wings are tattered or skeletal, and if they are feathered, the feathers are clipped, for they are like fallen angels. They can never claim the sky, even with their wings. Instead, they can slink along the ground in shadows, unseen, unscented, and untracked. This makes them prime assassins, and their darkness can rot, giving them a deadly bite, or scratch. They can also use their shadows to drag out poison, on the bright side.

Some of their attacks include biting and as mentioned, rotting the flesh, dark orbs and disks, and poisonous mist.



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