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Topic: Light

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Light -

Light wolves are almost always kind. It is extremely rare to see a light wolf that is mean. They can be rude and snippy, of course, just like any one else, but they are the most kind of the wolves. Everyone has darkness and everyone has light, but light wolves have very little darkness in them. They are essentially pure, if you will. Some of them are winged, and some of them give off an almost angelic glow. Some make very renowned healers, for they only wish to help, and yet their knowledge does not by any means exceed that of an earth wolf. They are one of the elements who don't really have a particular weakness, but if anything, it is darkness. Contrary to popular belief, it is not light who is stronger than darkness, but neither is stronger. Darkness can blot out the light, just like light can blot out the darkness. It all comes down to circumstance.

Their powers include such things as laser beams, orbs of light and bright flashes that could very well blind their foe. They, also, deal with the different light wave spectrum such as Uv rays, microwaves, infared rays, etc.



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