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Topic: Earth

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Earth -

Earth wolves are usually very docile. Earth wolves are also among the most fair of the breeds in terms of looks, for they are like nature, which is beautiful. Earth wolves commonly come in neutral shaded fur, looking like typical wolves.

They are very in tune with nature and they can speak to other animals, for every animal language is different. It is true other wolves can understand the gist, but only an earth wolf can fluently speak to and understand all animals. They are the prime healers of the wolf world, for if given the chance, they can learn and then work very well with herbs, for that is where their power lies; with plants. They can make a wilted flower stand tall and healthy, and they can grow a tree in a matter of days if not hours, instead of the years it would take nature to do itself. They do not control the ability of stones, only that of plants.

They have a variety of attacks, including sharpening leaves to the point they can slice skin, vines, manipulating the branches and roots of trees so that they have a weapon almost equivalent to the power of a strength wolf, and they can call on the help of other creatures if they are near by. It would not be unusual to see an earth wolf asking for a bit of help from bear or a fox.

Earth wolves tend to feud with Terra Wolves, never getting along with their branched off element. It is rare for an Earth and Terra wolf to befriend each other, often shunning or even attacking each other. It seems to be instinctual amongst the two groups.



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