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Topic: Water

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Water -

Water wolves are commonly peaceful, though like waves on an ocean storm they can get violent if pushed, just like anyone else. They are mellow and they are very adaptive. Just like water can fit into any shape, water wolves are very clever and they can adapt to most situations quite well. Very strategic, they are. Their abilities lie in any areas, for water can be of use in many ways. They are also very special creatures. They can walk on top of water without thinking of it, and they cannot drown. It is impossible for a water wolf to drown; unheard of, really. This is because they can breathe under water through specially formatted insides. They can stay underwater for long periods of time; some even live down in lake permanently. They are the best swimmers out of all the elements due to their usually lithe forms. After all, they have to be streamlined to move through the water so well.

Their attacks can include bubbles that feel as though you have been slapped when they pop, high-pressure jet streams, water whips, large waves, etc



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