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Topic: Fire

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Fire -

Often short tempered and rough, fire wolves can be represented with the power of the four 'basic' elements. Stereotypically, they are prideful and they have never ending will. Befriend a fire wolf and they shall be loyal to you almost without question. After all, even if the fire dies down, there is always the ember, which can be re-kindled to greatness. Of course, as with anyone else, they can be a wide variety of temperaments. Some are quite docile and shy. But no matter what, almost every fire wolf is a force to be reckoned with when they are unhappy. Stories have been told of angered fire wolves that burn down entire forests, leaving nothing behind as they stand in the midst, for their fire cannot burn them. They are resistant to it, and they can cool it down to a harmless level. Stories have been told of wolves that do such a thing, other fire wolves who rescue wolves caught up in the flames from certain death.

They are quite handy as warriors, again for their unshakeable will. Even a shy fire has the potential to burn, and when put in the right place, with the right motivation, they shall defeat their enemy or die trying. Their attacks include many things, among them flame wheels, flame tornadoes, and fire balls. They can also send out massive heat blasts, which can give their opponent a nasty wave of heat stroke.



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