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Air -

Air wolves are some of the most graceful. They can be calm like a gentle breeze, or they could be vicious like a tornado. Air wolves are almost always born with wings, as they belong to the sky, but sometimes there is one without wings, and they do not need them to fly, anyway. Air wolves are quite dangerous in the fact they can manipulate the flows and properties of the air. They could make the air very pressurized, to the point it squeezes and kills, or they can deplete the oxygen levels, causing suffocation. In a contained space such as the lungs, it is easy, but it is not something to be used out in the open, for that would mean more to take out; and thus longer to change.

They are useful in hunts and assassination, for they can change the wind direction so that they are downwind, and so they can not be smelled, and they can hover above ground, silent and deadly. However, they can also be used in positive ways, such as helping to get breathing back on track. If it is cold, they can warm up the air, if it is hot, they can cool it down. They have a wide range of attacks, including tornadoes, slicing disks, and short bursts of pressurized air which can quite easily knock the breath out of you or hit pressure points with a pack. A simple large gust of wind to blow the foe back and stall for time works just as well, too.



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