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Sonic wolves are usually on the far end spectrum of personalities. Most can be extremely loud voice and outgoing, while the other half seems to be more shy and quiet. It is rare to see a Sonic wolf that fits the middle grounds. Their ears are very sharp and can hear something miles and miles away, but they may control their ears to hear only in short distances until needed. Their ears tend to be on the larger side as well as their paws, to ensure complete silence with every step even when they can get clumsy at times from it. They make great spies, as long as they don’t get seen. One fault is that with their increased hearing, they do lack in eye sight and can become blind at an early age of 5. Also, they are usually light sleepers due to hearing all the sounds around them.


Sonic wolves have the ability to make a wolf deaf for a matter of hours and use this to their advantage during fights, or they can increase the sound of everything and drive a wolf mad with all these loud sounds flooding into their ears without affecting themselves. Sonic wolves can mimic sounds perfectly, great for bird calls. They can see sound waves and can redirect them for another to hear, also, it makes it easy to follow the waves to know where the source of the sound is. Sonic wolves love creating sonic booms.



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