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Topic: Anatomical

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These wolves have the ability to control their own or other's internal bodies. They can increase or decrease their own organs, even other wolves around them. Increase heartbeat, capacity of the lungs and can even make the stomach go days without food for long trips. Anatomical wolves can control the speed of blood flow, allowing more blood to pour out of a wound or to clot it up quickly and prevent blood loss. Skilled with this element, they can learn how to listen to other's heartbeats to determine their emotion or if one is lying.

These wolves have the ability to adapt to all changes in weather for they can increase their fur's growth to make them shaggy and warm in the winter and then, shed off all their fur for the summer. Their claws can grow at a quick rate to the point where if an Anatomical wolf gets into a fight, they can grow their claws in a minute to use as a weapon. A tooth gets knocked out? No problem, it will grow back stronger and sharper than before. These wolves can be quite lethal in battle and hunting for they know the key spots that can deliver painful and killing blows.

Anatomical wolves are found to be mostly kind as far as personalities go. They can be great healers as they know of herbs that heal the body and posses the ability to hear or smell if something going wrong inside the body. A major flaw in this element is the fact that all of them go into a bloodlust trance every time they hunt. The scent of blood is enough to give them it. These wolves have adapted to live an extra two to four years longer than other wolves due to their pristine condition that they keep their body.

Wolves of this element are more prone to having mutations. Be it an extra couple of tails or legs and horns protrude from their body. However, they cannot grow a random tail, gills, etc, with their element, they are born with them. Otherwise, it would go under the category of shapeshifting.

When they are born, less than one-third of this element makes it past newborn stage causing them to decline in numbers as the years go on.



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