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Topic: Thief

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These wolves can be quite sly and power-hungry, loving the feeling of taking one's element and using it as their own. They can be quite dangerous, especially around a group of wolves. They are extremely protective and loyal, but most fear commitment because they have high standards in order to be mates with another. Fearing the consequences of taking one.

This element is a rare one, it is. It allows a wolf to absorb another wolf's element besides two elements: Ghost and Hidden. If the wolf is around another wolf of the same gender, it can steal its element by just being around them. If the wolf is from the opposite gender, there must be some kind of physical contact in order to claim that element; even a simple tap is enough for the theif to register the new element. These wolves may only hold one other element besides their on true element, Theif. Their body doesn't hold onto the other elements and doesn't store its uses in the body, though. So once they change to a different element, the wolf will lose all experiences with it until the next time the wolf meets/touches another.

Unlike all the other wolves, when they take a mate, it forms an unbreakable bond. The Thief wolf has its mate's powers permanently along with their own Theif power. So, they could still copy other wolves' powers, while keeping their own and their mate's. Although, when the mate dies or leaves for another mate, the theif wolf will loose their mate's element and can't steal powers from the opposite gender any longer. If the theif wolf finds another mate after their first one, they shall not acquire the powers of their new mate.

So, Thief wolves will get extremely protective about their mates while pampering them to make sure they stay. If a theif wolf gets pregnant, something extraordinary happens! They can use all the pups' elements, but the doenside is that they loose their Theif abilility until the pups are born.

Note: Rare wolf, mandatory to ask before creating



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