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Topic: Luck

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Luck Wolves-

Luck wolves can create good and bad luck. Miracles and Curses. Having a problem hunting? A luck wolf could easily make an animal escape your grasp to mess with another or cause it to be pure luck that the prey would stumble and fall to the ground. Trying to hide from another wolf? They can alter the luck to where you can't be found or could make it obvious of your location with the persuer's natural instincts.

They have an additional abilities, aswell. They have the ability to enhance a wolf's powers or dull them off. Get an Luck wolf angry in battle? They can make even the greatest wolf into a beginner for a short while. These wolves can even neutralize a wolf's element when near them or for a short period of time. Making the wolf normal for the time being and relaying on life without an element to guide them. However, the longest it can be is up to a month but that takes a great deal of strength by a master of Luck.

These wolves are notorious tricksters, much like a fox. They love to play games through luck games or riddles. They are usually quite wise and enjoy teaching lessons to others, especially younger wolves. They tend to be loners, wandering around. Often as they grow into their elder years, that's when they usually want to settle down in a pack. Not many of these wolves are muscular, mostly lean and agile.



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