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Topic: Terra

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Terra -

Terra wolves are rougher in personality, their voice is commonly low and gruff. They are kind, don't get them wrong, these wolves just have a strong personality and opinionated. These wolves hardly lie, always telling the blunt truth. Their fur tends to be rougher, scruffy-like and colored in natural shades of nature. Terra wolves are larger and their bodies are bulky, perfect for defense but terrible in running.

Terra wolves control the stones, dirt and mud that pretain to nature. They commonly are found in the mountains for that is their perferred domain. They are the best diggers in all of NWE, quickly creating holes for traps or dens in mere seconds. They can shift stone and rocks around, pushing larger boulders around with a flicker of a tail. These wolves even can taunt enemies by flinging mud at others in mockery. They have the ability to turn anything into stone with the simple touch of their paw. Advanced in their element, they can create large earthquakes that can change the landscape. 

Terra wolves butt heads with Earth wolves since the dawning of the elements. They never get along with them for it seems to run in their blood. They are more known among the two to make their hate known about that elemental group, boasting about themselves and belittling those of the Earth element.



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