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Topic: Wish (PawPoints Only)

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Wish (PawPoints Only)

The Wish Wolf-

The Wish Wolf is an extremely rare wolf only brought to NWE on random, rare occasions. The wish wolf is extremely complicated and takes more advanced roleplayers to achieve this wolf. You can only roleplay this wolf if you have collevted enough paw points, so we know that you are dedicated to this website.

The wish wolf is a wolf who can grant wishes. The wishes have stages of which they work.

As a pup, wish wolves can grant each wolf they meet one wish, and most of the time those wishes that are granted are always messed up. It is rare for a wish pup to grant a correct wish, and almost impossible.

As teens, Wish wolves have a 50% chance of mastering the wish granted, but can still mess up the wish.

As adults, it takes a wish wolf a lot of energy, but they can grant wishes as they need too. Granting a wish tires a wolf out and often times they won't want to grant wishes unless they feel the desire too.

These wolves are similar to genies, with a sketchy personality and often times are caught playing tricks on others and twisting their words to cause misfortune. They are clever, and almost always too smart for their own good. Wish wolves are extremely bad at combat, but tend to make good hunters. They can use wishes in their own advantages, but must say 'I wish' and cannot think a wish, they must say it. Some wish wolves are over acheivers and go above and beyond to help others, while other wish wolves simply go out for the amusement for themselves.

Wish wolves can be simple colored or as wild as the eye can think. Some blend in well with others, but most stick out like a sore thumb. They have intensely bright colors like a space wolf, and odd shapes and patterns in their pelt. Wish wolves do not have wings, but can float and teleport.

Wish wolves cannot wish for life or death, including pregnancy or making an older wolf younger. If a wish wolf comes upon a wish they are questionable about it being allowed, chances are, it shouldn't be allowed.

Wish wolves run out of energy easily and use random objects to boost their energy. Each wish wolf has a certain object that boosts their 'magic', some being the sun or moon, others being more strange objects such as a gem, or a stone, perhaps water. 



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