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Topic: Wall of Shame

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Wall of Shame

(5 warnings in a certain genre, loss of charrie slot. 10 warnin
gs, loss of all extra charrie slots, 10+ could result in a ban.) 


Romantic Warnings:
Warnings that have to do with being mate-based, Mary-Sueing, graphic breeding or birthing, and other listing to the romantic catagory,


Fighting Warnings:
Warnings that have to do with fighting in an unfair fashion including but not limited too: Gming/Pping, Using more than two blocks, ignoring an attack from another and acting like it never happened, being inappropriate to your wolves training when they aren't as strong as you make them, mastering an element at a young age, ect.

KammiWehrWulf: 1 (Xena)
Metalclaw27: 1 (Marcus)


 Role Play Warnings:
Warnings that have to do with the roleplay, but do not match up with the fighting or romance catagory. Warnings may vary. 

KammiWehrWulf: 1 (Inferno's Plot)


Basic Warnings:
Warnings that have to do with OOC rules, taking anger out on another through the roleplay, and breaking any rules that don't have to do with Fighting or Romance.


Other Warnings:
This catagory is saved for other types of warnings that don't match up to those listed above. Perhaps having to do with changing information of a wolf, creating a fake user account to gain access to more wolves, or cyber-bullying a user in means of trying to harm them. 


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