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Topic: Chronicle

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Chronicle Wolf-

These wolves are focused primarily on history. They can simply look at an item and know everything and anything about it: Where and when a tree was planted, the name and information of a pack, the location of which they are standing, or history behind a special piece of jewelry. They cannot read minds, and only know what has happened, not what is going to happen. They can figure out true bloodlines and help figure out if someone’s story is true or not.

Looking at a wolf, Chronicles can read them like a file. Knowing their Name, Age, Element, Bloodline, where they were born/locations they've been, Pack, Rank. Just the basics. They cannot endeavor into a wolf's memory banks. But, if a Chronicle touches a wolf, it can get quick flashes of important or traumatic events that surround the wolf such a viewing a murder, the birth of their pups, the death of a family member, which packs they resided in, or participation in a war.

However,  if there's an object or location that brings upon a memory of a wolf, then a History wolf would be able to access that view in the memory from that wolf's point of view, as if looking through their eyes,

These wolves are often to be found smarter than their own good. They see too much, and know too much. They shove information in others faces and flaunting their knowledge around. They are typically a loyal and trustworthy friend, one that you can count on and one that always has your back, but it takes a lot of work to receive such a title. For most Chronicle wolves are quiet and keep to themselves. Some would say, they aren't sane, typically. Often times this wolf will admit to listening to the voices in their head, and will often times result in going crazy from all the voices telling them certain information.

Chronicle wolves tend to be more on the tall and lanky build, holding neutral colored fur, i.e. browns, blacks, and whites. They aren't strong, but are speedy wolves.



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