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Topic: Sometimes we have to destroy ourselves to rebuild something better.

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Sometimes we have to destroy ourselves to rebuild something better.

Hi gang, I've been gone since like august I know but some crazy **** went on in life. Recently I've gotten my free time back and I want to become active again. A little recap on the stuff that's been going on would've great. Thanks guys 😄


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It is so great to see you! You just made my day! I have been trying to figure out how to get ahold of you, to let you know that we are all slowly coming back on here!


So, not much has happened, quite yet, we are still getting into the mix of things. Only big change is I am fully taking on Emily characters as she has decided to not return, so that's just me mostly learning how to be her wolves, which isn't really that easy :3




Here's some updates VIA wolves:


NO activity


- Anastasia & Angelina returned to their home lands

- Captain, Vivica & Karl are exploring an old ship, planning on going fishing



-Caeli & Vivica left forest to Ronoh



No activity



- Kodi, Dezera & Karasu go in for another hunt

-Leonardo caught them and is currently begging for help

- Zumi & Nora hunting for Mizuki Eziek & the new pups

-Eziek lost Masika as she recently passed away

-Catorii & Zorr helping in aiding with Undertakers pups

-Kuro & Amari talking about leaving Sera, potentially

- Jayce joins Sera and is guided by Amara

-Kianna wandering

- Tyson & Artemis talking slightly



- Akemi killed Caeli for tresspassing

-Akemis pups saw the murder and hate him now/ big drama conflicts everywhere

- Kali and Braxton played for awhile now Kali's feeling ill and going to rest

-Braxton exploring

-Naomi talking with her grandson

- Dezera, Kodi & Karasu left for food

- Lupita greeted Vivica and gave her a fishing challenge to become a pack member



-Xena & Medusa are talking & getting to know each other while Xavier is wandering




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